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The pre-school sector is increasingly becoming a vital resource for children’s preparations for mainstream schooling, a childcare element for parents, and a foundation for Government to build its plans to improve early year’s education. It can provide a wonderful enriching career helping to shape the next generation, and an opportunity for parents and other volunteers to play a part in their own and other children’s journeys as they learn who they are.

As the sector grows and the demands put upon it increase it can be a struggle with various agencies making expectations of an underfunded resource. The goal of the Pre-School Support Network is to assist groups in several areas to help build a vibrant and sustainable pre-school sector in Northern Ireland. Learn more about What we do and how to Join the network


PSN is an initiative created by Nick Moore, who has served on the board of directors of two good governance and capacity building charities for several years, and worked in the community development sector for over a decade. Nick and his wife Jill are directly involved in the pre-school sector as the owners of Chirpy Chicks Playgroup Ltd a rural pre-school on the Ards Peninsula.

Working in Partnership

As we continually refine and build out our services we are always seeking advice, opinion, and real world stories of the challenges pre-school settings face. We are working in partnership with independent early years specialists C.A.P.S. (Curriculum and Programme Support) and their wider consortium of IEYS colleagues in gathering information on the needs of the sector.

Training needs are always evolving, be they changes to the Minimum Standards, first aid, safeguarding, health & safety, and more. PSN works in partnership with the independent and accredited service Bluebird Holistic Training.

You can find more details on our Partnerships page.


Get in touch for further information on PSN services by using the contact form below, telling us about your setting and be sure to include contact details for us to get back to you. You can also telephone or text 07473852122, and message us on Facebook via our Page @preschoolsupportnetwork. All enquiries are held in the strictest confidence.

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